Medical clearance

When flying with special medical requirements, you may need to arrange medical clearance. Check when to arrange it and how it works.

When to arrange

You need to arrange medical clearance if you:

  • are suffering from a contagious disease;
  • need medical care or are dependent on specific medical equipment;
  • have a medical condition that could result in a life-threatening situation or could require exceptional medical care for your safety;
  • cannot use the seats in a standard, upright position;
  • are suffering from a disease or physical condition that results in unusual behaviour that could have an effect on the welfare and comfort of other passengers or crew, or could be considered a potential hazard to the safety of the flight or its punctuality;
  • have a psychological disorder and are unaccompanied but require assistance;
  • have recently had surgery (including all cosmetic treatments).

Arrange medical clearance

Please consult your physician to arrange medical clearance. Please fill out the medical information form A yourself and ask your doctor to complete and sign form B. Make sure to submit these forms to us at least 48 hours before departure.

Open medical information form A

Open medical information form B

Frequent Traveller Medical Card

If you fly at least twice a year and have a medical condition, you can request a Frequent Traveller Medical Card (FREMEC), so you don’t have to fill out the forms every time you travel. You will still, however, have to make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance.

Want to request a FREMEC? Ensure forms A and B are filled out completely and send an e-mail to KLM CARES.

Request a FREMEC by sending us an e-mail

Sunflower lanyard

The Sunflower lanyard offers a discreet way of showing that you have an invisible disability. The lanyard enables passengers with an invisible disability to discreetly let others knows that you might need some extra support, help or extra time. Please note that the Sunflower lanyard does not guarantee any form of assistance, but we will do our best!

Would you like to order a Sunflower lanyard? You can do so on the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower website. Please make sure to order your lanyard well in advance, as it might take up to two weeks for your lanyard to be delivered.

If you require assistance during your trip, you can contact KLM CARES.

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